Englisch in der Schule

Hello, we’re the English teachers of the Primary School in Knetterheide. We enjoy teaching the children English and the children like it aswell.
We sing songs, play games and practice role-plays in groups, we watch TV-stories, have interviews in the classroom and we learn rhymes and chants.
The children start to learn English in the first class in February. All pupils have got two English lessons a week.
There are some important persons in our English lessons. First there is Max. He likes making jokes the whole day. Once he jumped out of the television and since this time he has been living with the two children, Benny and Linda and their dad and mum in a house.
Last but not least there is Mr. Matt and his children Daisy and Danny. Mr. Matt is a little bit crazy but very amusing.The name of our school-book is Playway. At home the children can go to klee.maxclub.cc and play some games on the Internet. It’s a special offer from the Klett-Verlag that produces the school-book Playway.

  • Birgit Holthuis-Daro
  • Yvonne Schröder
  • Mechthild Skowronek